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Monday, August 2, 2010

How green is our shopping?

(David Jones, Sydney)
(Magasin du Nord, Copenhagen)

"All by myself, dont wanna be" - sang Aussie bicycle waiting outside DJ's!

"We are fam-il-y" - sang Danish bicycle waiting outside Magasin du Nord!

Where is everyone? Cycling is a brilliant mode of transport for shopping.

No kidding, you can fly down any of the Sydney streets, quickly jump off near any 'shop-front' doors - and then park your bike - basically 'it's pick a pavement any pavement', they're all available!

No stress; no expense; no 'ugly carpark' karma - just cruisy 'I-think-I'll-go-here' moments as you pop in anywhere on a whim!

Do it & love it!

Shop on a bike!!!


  1. I think this is something to show your Clover Moore about, Copenhagen and Sydney the Contrast. Outside a Shop in Syders one Bike and not even a Parking Stand it is Lashed to a Lamp Post and there is Parking for Cars nearby.

    In Copenhagen outside a Shop I Estimate about 500 Bicycles Parked at Bicycle Stands and all those Cyclists are in that Shop.

    Whereas in Sydney only one Cyclist is in that Shop.Who says that Cyclists do not Shop,they do the same amount of Shopping as everybody else perhaps more as they do not have the Expense of a Cars upkeep.

    So Clover Moore can tell the Chamber of Commerce how much Money they are Losing by not providing Facilities for Cyclists and show them the two Photographs.

  2. I think cyclists make excellent shoppers, provided you have a nice basket or panniers to carry things in.

    I love going shopping on my bike (groceries, etc) and it is so much easier. I do feel a little smug when I can whip in and whip out before some car drivers have even found a park.

    I also make a point of shopping at places that have made an effort to provide parking for bicycles. Shop owners need to realise that cyclists make excellent shoppers and should encourage them to park in front of their premises. Bike paths are great and we need more of them but we also need a place to safely lock our steeds without getting in everyone's way!

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  3. I would also like to be able to ride around the streets of Brisbane's CBD without fear of being stopped every block by police as I don't wear a helmet.

    I wish they'd just leave me alone.

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  4. L'homme au velo: you are spot on - the comparison between the two cities is stark, and Sydney is definitely the poorer for it!

    Paul: 'Go you' shopping where businesses have made an effort to provide parking for cyclists!

    ...& 'PS' I'm really looking forward to cycling in Brisbane when we come up at the end of August!! Can't believe your CBD is so riddled with 'helmet-believing' police! - will be a real eye-opener!!!

  5. Excellent, Sue.

    Do let me know when you have dates and I'll make sure I'm free to ride with you. I look forward to it. You can be my legal counsel when we get stopped ;-)

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  6. I tried parking on George St. Unfortunately, the parking on offer is a ring on a wide pole. A bike was there already, and it seems you can't get a second bike on there. Down with the rings I say!
    That's probably why that bike is all by itself. Lets get some serious racks in, Sydney!!

  7. tedsfile, you are right - bicycle parking is notoriously dreadful in Sydney and is basically beholden to tokenism - never useful always patronising. However I must admit I do get a kick out of tying my bicycle to parking meters!!! Yes we need masses of 'everything-cycling' infrastructure-wise