my refusal to wear a bicycle helmet

my refusal to wear a bicycle helmet informed

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad law - time for revocation

What do you get when you mix?:

→ fear

→ spin

→ protectionism


HOWEVER...lucky for us:

♥ Young Australians are speaking out for rights

♥ Young Australians are refusing to be silent or compliant when civil liberties are at stake.

♥ Young Australians understand that civil liberties act as a buffer to 'ever-avaricious-executive-power'.

♥ Young Australians expect the provision of proper evidence when the 'Executive' proposes a 'curtailment' of civil liberties.

...and so next Monday as a result of Australian governments persisting to view cycling through the prism of crime rather than through one of health or transport, Baby no. 2 will raise the defence of necessity in an Australian court of law in a bid to to avoid an Australian criminal conviction for the Australian crime of riding a bicycle without an expensive Australian Standard equipped with a cheap bicycle helmet...

Respect, Baby no. 2


  1. Please let us know how to find the court so we can come to support.


  2. It's at the Downing Centre Local Court on Level 4 at 9.15 AM.

    N.B. it's a matter for mention which means there's a high chance it will merely be an occasion to set the date for the real show down.


  3. Also I should have said THANK YOU for your support! (My manners are atrocious!)

  4. Ok its just for mention, I'll try to come next time for the actual hearing. Pls let us know. Good luck, keep up the struggle.