my refusal to wear a bicycle helmet

my refusal to wear a bicycle helmet informed

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Road Trolls

So today as I'm heading towards the CBD on my bicycle, stopping at red traffic lights where King Street crosses Missenden Road, a red hatchback with 2 female occupants drew alongside me.

"Lady, where's your fucking helmet? - you can't be on the fucking road without one - get off the fucking road! Are you fucking dumb or fucking what?!"

After delivering that charming exchange, the impossibly thin middle-aged-female-front-passenger ceased leaning out of the window and turned back to face the road, putting her legs up on the dashboard!!!!!

Needless to mention, I engaged in usual 'troll-management' practices, and ignored her completely.

But part of me couldn't help thinking, 'geez, lady, time you smelt the fucking roses!'


  1. Something tells me they weren't particularly concerned for your safety...